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Why Use Flexible TreeView ?


Unmatched extensibility and unique features that are not available with other treeview components on the market.


Fastest treeview component on the market.
Adds 100,000 nodes in just 0.39 seconds.


Despite being a very powerful treeview component, Flexible TreeView is designed to be understandable and logical for developers.

Game-changing features

Unmatched Extensibility

Customize or override any part or behavior of the treeview exactly as you need, so you can tailor it to your specific requirements.


Flexible TreeView offers unique features that set you apart from your competitors and improve the experience for your end-users.

Simplicity In Mind

When creating Flexible TreeView, our top priority was to provide a powerful yet clean and simple architecture that shortens your development time.

Unmatched Extensibility and Uniqueness
Node Controls and Expandable Content
Node Controls

Node Control is the first-class citizen of Flexible TreeView used to build the nodes and the treeview representation with rich extensibility possibilities. Flexible TreeView provides 20+ node controls for many use cases and allows you to create new ones to cover your specific needs.

Expandable Content

The state-of-the-art feature that allows you to view additional node content when the mouse hovers over a node, without selecting it. This significantly speeds up data viewing.

Extended Data Binding

Rich data binding possibilities, including bound and unbound modes with data update tracking, as well as the ability to mix unbound data with a bound data source - all out of the box.


Split your data into columns and take advantage of rich data presentation possibilities. Column controls, unique data spanning, data binding, and many other built-in features are available to satisfy your business needs.

Rich UI & UX

A rich API and event model, themes, load on demand, drag and drop, in-place editing, node auto-height, node filtering, summaries, HTML text support, third-party controls hosting, nodes multiple selection, and much much more.

Columns and Rich UI & UX

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