How-To: Install Registered Version and License

Once you have purchased the Flexible TreeView license(s), we will send you the installation information for the registered version and your license key(s) to the email address specified in your order.

To install your license key, you should first install the registered version of Flexible TreeView and then proceed to install your license key, following the instructions below.


The received License key won't work with the trial version.
The registered version installation must be run under a Windows administrator account to properly install it.

Install registered version

  • Uninstall the trial version.
    .NET Framework: Make sure you don't have any ARMSoft.FlexibleTreeView.*.dll assembly left in GAC.
  • Run the registered version installation program:
    Installed screen 1
  • Click the Next button, read and accept the license agreement:
    Installed screen 2
  • Choose the required components to install:
    Installed screen 3
    When installing Flexible TreeView on a developer computer you need to check the 'Register in GAC' checkbox above and a required version of Visual Studio(s) where to integrate Flexible TreeView.
    After installation, the specified version(s) of Visual Studio will have the Flexible TreeView control group in its Toolbox.
  • Click the Next button, select the target directory path to install Flexible TreeView into and click the Install button to start the installation. The installation could take some time to register the controls in the selected versions of Visual Studio.

Install license key on a developer computer

After installing the registered version of Flexible TreeView, you'll need to install the license key(s) on your developer computer to be able to use Flexible TreeView.

Here are two ways to install your license key:

1 Use the supplied License Manager tool:

  • Copy your license key text from the received registration information e-mail:
    ----------------------- LICENSE KEY ---------------------------
    license key text goes here
    ----------------------- LICENSE KEY ---------------------------
  • Start the Windows command prompt under an administrator account.
  • Execute the License Manager by passing your license key as a parameter:
    Tools\LicenseManager.exe -i <license_key_text>
    Note: LicenseManager.exe is a part of Flexible TreeView installation and stored in the Tools subfolder.

2 Through Visual Studio:

  • Copy your license key text from the received registration information e-mail:
    ----------------------- LICENSE KEY ---------------------------
    license key text goes here
    ----------------------- LICENSE KEY ---------------------------
  • Start Visual Studio under an administrator account, create a sample Windows Forms project, open the project form's designer and drop Flexible TreeView control from Visual Studio Toolbox.
  • Right click the Flexible TreeView control on the form and select About FlexibleTreeView context menu item:
  • In the open dialog, click the Unlock button and paste your license text into the newly opened window text box and click OK button.
  • Restart Visual Studio under a general Windows account.

Install license key on a build server

The Flexible TreeView license policy does not require a separate License for the build machines, i.e. you can install your Developer License key to an unlimited number of your build machines. If Visual Studio is not installed on the build machine, you can install the Developer License there by using the supplied License Manager console tool located in the Tools subfolder.

To install the Developer License use -i key to pass your License Key through the input parameter as shown below:

LicenseManager.exe -i XXX_LICENSE_KEY_TEXT_XXX
or use -if key to pass your License Key located in the file:
LicenseManager.exe -if license.txt
Use -u key to uninstall the already installed license:
LicenseManager.exe -u